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About Us

Who we are?

We are a craft, direct-relationship, coffee roaster based out of the beautiful city of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  Direct-Relationship means that we aren’t just purchasing our green coffee from random growers around the world, we actually have relationships with each of the growers that we purchase our green coffee from.  This allows us to be integrally involved with each of our growers beyond simply purchasing coffee from them.  Each grower we work with is doing so much more than growing great coffee, they are also socially responsible.  This means that each of our growers are providing much more than jobs for people in their communities.  Some are providing ongoing incentives for their employees, while others are providing birthing centers for expecting moms, or orphan care for children.  We are proud of the fact that your purchase of our coffees are providing more than an exceptional experience for you, the end consumer.  Your purchases are funding ongoing, socially responsible work in each of the amazing regions we purchase our green coffee from.  


Why we exist?

High quality coffee is what we do, the PEOPLE are who we exist FOR.  We are committed to roasting amazing coffee grown by some of the best farmers in the world.  It is our belief that a prodigious Coffee experience consists of great Coffee and good PEOPLE to share it with.  So our commitment is twofold.  If we make PEOPLE the destination and COFFEE the vehicle we use to reach people, then we cannot go wrong.  In a world full of exquisite coffee roasters, we firmly believe our dedication to PEOPLE sets us apart from the rest.